Clubman Course

Massy United Insurance

The Clubman Course is a driving and skills workshop that will see delegates tested, challenged and tutored on the road and racetrack in their own vehicle, as well as being comprehensively briefed and educated in a classroom environment. This course is designed to help drivers become safer road users, by teaching them essential driving techniques.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for drivers who have already passed their driving test. It is suitable for any age and is recommended for every driver in Barbados. The Clubman Course utilizes the drivers own vehicle, allowing the delegate to practice these techniques in a vehicle that is known to them.

Course Objectives

After successfully passing this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Complete a pre-trip checklist to ensure vehicle safety
  • Have a workable knowledge of the Barbados Highway Code
  • Understand vehicle dynamic and their importance to driving safely
  • Appreciate the impacts of distracted driving
  • Recognize external factors that inhibit drivers’ ability to concentrate
  • Be able to identify the anatomy of an accident and list the steps that could have been employed to prevent it
  • Identify hazards while driving and use correct techniques to safely pass them

Individual Coaching

All drivers will have attempts at each practical exercise and will be given instant feedback on every attempt. Participants will also learn by observing and analysing other drivers' performances.


Individual reports and a “Skills Assessment” covering both driver skills and attitude to driving, are provided at the end of the course. On successfully passing the course you will be rewarded with a Certificate to gain the insurance benefits.


  • A valid driver's licence
  • Pass the Bushy Park the breathalyzer test
  • Have a firm knowledge of the Barbados Highway Code 



  • Bds$ 150.00 per Student, or
  • US$ 75.00 per Student.


  • Massy United Insurance policy holders can get a 10% discount when booking onto this course. Please call (246) 537-1360 or email with your policy reference number before registering.