Circuit Details

The Master Plan for the development of Bushy Park Barbados was designed around the construction of facilities that would gain certification to allow the staging of International events. The 65-acre site was always intended to be a multi-purpose facility, however, able to host not only all forms of motor sport, but also corporate and social events.

Principal Facilities:

  • International Circuit - 2.01 kilometres/1.25 miles FIA Grade 3 Circuit
    • Estimated lap time - 1 minute
    • Maximum speed - 211kph/131.1mph; minimum speed - 64kph/39.8mph
  • International Kart Circuit - 1.2km/0.75m FIA-CIK Grade A Circuit

Multi-discipline Facilities

  • Drag Racing on an eighth-mile strip
  • Rallycross Track
  • Skills Course


In addition to its core business of motor sport, Bushy Park Barbados is available for a wide variety of activities. With outstanding conference and exhibition facilities available, Bushy Park is a perfect place to combine hospitality with on-track activity – ideal for product launches, media events, demonstrations or manufacturer days.