Local Residents

Welcome to our Local Residents area providing you with up to date information on everything happening at Bushy Park Barbados.

We recognise the importance of good relations with our nearest neighbours, this page will keep you informed on everything happening at Bushy Park.


Driving Experiences:


Every Tuesday to Saturday 9am-5pm



September 2022:

Sep 11 - Kart Race Meet (BKA) and Drag Racing (BADD)

Sep 17- Autocross (BRC)

Sep 25 - Track Day (BPCI)

October 2022:

Oct 2 - Drag Racing (BADD) 

Oct 2 - Kart Race Meet (BKA) 

Oct 9 - Race Meet (BPMSI) 

Oct 22 - Autocross (BRC) 

Oct 30 - Race Meeting (BARL) 

November 2022:

Nov 6 - Drag Racing (BADD) 

Nov 6 - Kart Race Meet (BKA) 

December 2022:

Dec 4 - Autocross (BRC)