Driving Skills Academy

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The Bushy Park Driving Skills Academy brings a professional defensive driving development programme to the Caribbean in order to offer professional drivers and the general driving public alike, life-saving high-performance skills, and a better understanding of the mechanics of vehicle dynamics and systems.

The Vision

To be the ‘go to’ Centre of Excellence for driver training in the Caribbean and to be at the forefront of road safety awareness.

The Mission

To reduce the number of accidents on our roads by offering high quality standardised driver training.

The Core Values

Innovation: We are committed to bringing the most relevant and current driver training techniques to our range of courses.
Professionalism: Our dedicated team takes pride in their work and act with professionalism in all that they do.
Excellence: Our team is committed to exceed expectations and has the discipline to continually improve.

Course Development

The courses for the Bushy Park Driving Skills Academy were developed in collaboration with English Super-licence Instructor, Steve Deeks, www.stevedeeks.com who has presented, among other things, the Audi Driving Experience, the ARDS Novice Driver Course, GT Academy for NISMO, and The Race for SKY One – Deeks has 17 years full-time race experience including nine in Formula Cars up to F3, has driven for five ‘works’ teams – and is now a Classic racer.  His specialist expertise is in driver development, having trained drivers and developed performance training programmes for more than 20 years for the World’s leading manufacturers, race circuits and performance driver academies. Steve Deeks has been, for 20 years, Duty Instructor and Presenter at Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.