Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc celebrates its 2017 Champions

Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc celebrates its 2017 Champions

Members of Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSI) gathered in the Cafeteria at Bushy Park Barbados after the Radical Carnival on Sunday (January 28) to celebrate the Club’s 2017 Champions. Andre Walcott and Terrance Ollivierre, Champion Driver and Champion Rider respectively, emerged victorious from the 60 competitors on two and four wheels who scored points in BPMSI-administered Championships, many of whom headed to St Philip to join in the celebrations.

  In addition to the Championship presentations, Mark Maloney and Mark Thompson were rewarded for their dedication to the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC), in which they have won two and four Group titles respectively, while Adrian Bailey received a special award from Hilti to recognise his success in backing up his on-line banter with results on track. The work of the Club’s many volunteers was recognised with tokens of appreciation, while Adrian Linton’s commitment as Clerk of the Course was rewarded. In a short address, BPMSI Chairman Sean Maloney thanked those volunteers, along with the Club’s sponsors for their continued support, the staff at Bushy Park, competitors and the media.

  Walcott (Suzuki Swift), who became the first recipient of BPMSI’s new Champion Driver Challenge Trophy, was the only driver to score in Group 1/Class 1 in all four rounds; he amassed a total of 214 points, giving him an advantage of 85 over Darren Lashley (Peugeot 205), who finished runner-up in the class for the second straight year. Contesting his first full season at Bushy Park, Derek Edwards (BMW 318ti Compact) finished second overall, just 22 points adrift of Walcott, having fought a hard battle in Gp1/C2, comfortably the Championship’s best-subscribed class.

  Edwards was the highest points-scorer in just one of the four rounds, including being beaten once each by Robert Gill (Toyota Starlet) and former Champion Adrian Bailey (Peugeot 205), who finished second and third in the class, on 157 and 146 points respectively; they also finished third and fifth in the overall standings. Fourth overall was Ripley Greene (Toyota Corolla), winner of Gp2/C1 with 147 points, while the other class winners were Tremaine Forde-Catwell (Gp2/C2, Daihatsu Charmant & Gp3/C3, Nissan 1200), Kyle King (Gp3/C2, Toyota Starlet), Mark Maloney (Gp4/2wd, Mazda RX-3) and Roger Mayers (Gp4/4wd, Ford Focus). Kevin Wiggins (Toyota Starlet) won the Hilti Handicap Championship for Cars. The third and final Suzuki Challenge Series Champions Suleman Esuf (SR3 Cup) and Barry Gale (Swift Cup) also received their trophies during Sunday’s function.


Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc – 2017 Prizegiving

List of Awardees


Champion Driver: Andre Walcott (Gp1/C1 Courts iFinance/M-Grafix/Courts Optical Suzuki Swift), 214 points; 2nd overall: Derek Edwards (Gp1/C2 D & A Air Conditioning & Refrigeration/Arrow Woodworking BMW 318ti Compact), 192pts; 3rd overall: Robert Gill (Gp1/C3 Percy King Auto Parts/Rezults/Hilti Tools/Maxxis Tyres Toyota Starlet), 157pts


Champion Rider: Terrance Ollivierre (Xhosa/Kermitt’s Bar/Demario’s Cycle Centre/Sam’s Cycle Repair/Percy King Auto Parts Suzuki GSX-R600), 75pts


Suzuki Challenge Series, Swift Cup - Champion: Barry Gale (Team Bushy Park Experiences), 197pts; 2nd Justin Campbell (Team Rock Hard Cement), 183pts; 3rd Ryan Peyrau – T&T (Team Simpson Finance), 174pts SR3 Cup - Champion: Suleman Esuf, 244pts; 2nd Stuart Maloney 220pts; 3rd Mark Maloney 154pts


Special Awards

BPMSI Driver Challenge Trophy – Andre Walcott

Mark Maloney - for his Support and Dedication to CMRC

Mark Thompson - for his Support and Dedication to CMRC

Adrian Bailey – for backing up his banter with success

Adrian Linton - for his dedication as Clerk of the Course

Trophy tokens of appreciation to all 48 marshals


BPMSI Championship Awards

Percy King Auto Parts Group 1/Class 1 – Champion: Walcott, 214 points; 2nd Darren Lashley (SRG Engineering/Full Line Racing Parts/C & A Autobody Repairs/RJ’s Recovery Services Peugeot 205XS), 129pts; 3rd William Jones (H & B Hardware & Lumber Inc Datsun B310), 117pts Gp1/C2 - Champion: Edwards, 192pts; 2nd Gill, 157pts; 3rd Adrian Bailey (SRG/M Y Bhana Everything Store/Bliss Water Sports/Tropicana Jewellers/Pro Sales/Lucid Consulting/Tints‘R’Us/Dove’s Exhaust Repairs Peugeot 205), 146pts

Digicel Gp2/C1 - Champion: Ripley Greene (Huntes Auto Spares/Hilti/Full Line Racing Toyota Corolla), 147pts Gp2/C2 - Champion: Tremaine Forde-Catwell (Hilti/Rezults Auto/Marks Auto Spares/CCT Paints/Cheese Autoglass Finish/Castrol Daihatsu Charmant), 129pts

Crane & Equipment Gp3/C2 - Champion: Kyle King (Percy King Auto Parts/Automotive Art/Valvoline Toyota Starlet), 129pts Gp3/C3 - Champion: Tremaine Forde-Catwell (Hilti/Rezults Auto/Marks Auto Spares/CCT Paints/Cheese Autoglass Finish/Castrol Nissan 1200), 66pts

Rock Hard Cement Gp4/2wd - Champion: Mark Maloney (Rock Hard Cement/Sign Station Mazda RX-3), 111pts; Gp4/4wd - Champion: Roger Mayers (Chefette/Digicel/Rubis/DHL/Hankook/Illusion Graphics ‘De Focus’), 15pts

Hilti Handicap for Cars - Champion: Kevin Wiggins (Johnson’s Auto/Therapy Fishing Charters/KK Auto Repairs Toyota Starlet), 53pts; 2nd Forde-Catwell, 38pts; 3rd King, 37pts


BPMSI Raceday Awards

March 26 - Gp1/C1: 1st Walcott; 2nd Lashley; 3rd Kevin Armstrong (Armstrong Auto Datsun 120Y) Gp1/C2: 1st Devan McCartney (Zephirins Bakery/C & A Autobody Repair Honda CRX); 2nd Edwards; 3rd Ross Callender (Full Throttle Garage/C & A Autobody Repair/Cheese Auto Glass Finishes/Crane & Equipment/SAFE Security/Ullyetts Machine Shop Service/Percy King Auto Parts Daihatsu Charmant) Gp2/C1: 1st Greene 2nd Mark Thompson (Glassesco/NKM Clothing/Slam 101.1FM/Bio Beauty/Automotive Art Toyota Starlet) Gp2/C2: 1st Forde-Catwell 2nd Andre Forde (Percy King Auto Parts/Forde’s Vending Machines Toyota Starlet) Gp3/C2: 1st Jason Harewood (Mark’s Auto Spares/SDRR/HiHi/JVM Signage/Gaskin’s Garage/Image Vault/Starboy Performance Toyota Starlet) 2nd King Gp4/2wd: 1st M Maloney

May 7 - Gp1/C1: 1st Walcott; 2nd Jones Gp1/C2: 1st Bailey; 2nd Gill; 3rd Edwards Gp2/C1: 1st Greene 2nd M Thompson Gp2/C2: 1st Forde-Catwell 2nd Darren Lashley (Full Line Racing Parts/Hilti/Turk Lashley’s Garage Acura Integra) Gp3/C2: 1st Kurt Thompson (Glassesco/NKM Clothing/Bio-Beauty Day Spa/SLAM 101.1FM/Y103.3FM Honda Civic) 2nd King Gp4/2wd: 1st M Maloney 2nd Gregory Catwell (Cheese Auto Glass Finish Datsun 1200)

July 1 - Gp1/C1: 1st Walcott; 2nd Lashley 3rd Jones Gp1/C2: 1st Gill; 2nd Edwards; 3rd Sacha Soodeen (BMW 318ti Compact) Gp2/C1: 1st Greene Gp3/C2: 1st King 2nd K Thompson Gp3/C3: 1st Forde-Catwell

September 3 – awards were presented on the day