Action for all at Beacon Insurance BMF Club Meet

Action for all at Beacon Insurance BMF Club Meet

More than 80 competitors from across the motor sport disciplines entertained island fans at the Beacon Insurance BMF Club Meet at Bushy Park Circuit last weekend (October 18/19). With bikes, dragsters, karts, race and rally cars all sharing centre stage, there was something to suit every taste… and track rides topped off the day for a lucky few prize-winners.

Three of the circuit's layouts were in use as member clubs of the Barbados Motoring Federation (BMF) presented a multi-discipline festival of motor sport, including the first stage of Suzuki Rocks!, to select two drivers to represent Barbados in the ROC Nations Cup on the Saturday of Race Of Champions weekend (December 13/14).

Five action-packed car races were among the many highlights of the weekend; five laps of wheel-to-wheel combat between Mark Maloney (Madza RX-3) and Stuart Williams (Lotus Elise) brought the crowds on the hill to their feet, with the outcome in doubt until the last lap, when a gearbox problem side-lined the Lotus. Maloney won Sol SuperModified 2 in the second race, too, but had to give best to his father Doug (Audi A4 quattro) in the final outing.

With limited circuit experience, an impressive Neil Corbin (Toyota Starlet) won Chefette SuperSport 1 twice, the experienced rallyist showing considerable skill in battles with multiple champion Kenrick Husbands (Starlet); Stuart Maloney claimed three victories in Chefette SS2 in his rally-bred Peugeot 306 Maxi.

After winning Crane & Equipment Modified Production 1 twice - race two was claimed by Eric Ward (Datsun Coupe) - Quincy Jones (Starlet) went on to win the Hilti Handicap; in Crane & Equipment MP2, Mark Thompson (Honda Civic) maintained his perfect record in Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSi) races this year with another hat-trick of wins.

Geoff Ullyett (Datsun 120Y) also claimed a clean sweep, in Williams Equipment Clubman, with Adrian Bailey (Peugeot 205), William Jones (Datsun 120Y) and Andre Walcott (Suzuki Swift) sharing the podium places.

After three of the most hotly-contested Superbike race seen at Bushy Park in recent years, honours were shared between Kris Brathwaite, Terrance Ollivierre and Devan McCartney, all aboard Suzuki GSX-R600s. It was timely practice for McCartney and Ollivierre, who will represent Barbados at South Dakota in Guyana next month.

Corey Stanford (Toyota Corolla), Sean Merritt (Peugeot 205) and Darren Lashley (Toyota Starlet Turbo) were the Group winners as the Barbados Association of Dragsters & Drifters merged a number of time brackets for the Courtesy Garage-sponsored third round of the year. A prize draw gave a number of thrilled fans the chance for passenger rides on the drag strip with Matthew 'DMZ' Forde (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III) or Geoffrey Ullyett, who added a drifting demonstration into the treat on his way back to the start.

There was action aplenty in the SDRR-sponsored fifth round of the Barbados Karting Association's Frutee Championship, with competitors racing on the north-western loop for the first time. The shorter layout is very similar to that of the Old Bushy Park kart track and kept the karters on their toes, with two races each on Saturday and Sunday.

Competition was intense in all three classes, with Joshua Maloney and cousin Zane ending the day joint top-scorers in the 270 Yamaha Class, despite a determined effort by Saviola Thomas; Nick Gill bounced back from a third-place finish in the weekend's opening race to squeeze a narrow victory in the 310s, one point ahead of Joshua Parris, with Kyle Proverbs third; in the X30s, Tremaine Forde-Catwell won all four races, but was disqualified for being under weight twice on Saturday - Javani Smith and Rick Kirton inherited those two wins, Smith ending the weekend top of the class from Kirton and Forde-Catwell.

In an exciting eight-lap Hilton BKA Handicap, the first karter to be flagged off, 301 Yamaha runner Krystal Kirton, looked set for a memorable win, only to be passed by Ricky Kirton's X30 machine on the final; Saviola Thomas was third.

Beacon Insurance BMF Club Meet - Results

Sol SuperModified 2 - Race 1: 1st Mark Maloney, Mazda RX-3; 2nd Doug Maloney, Audi A4 quattro; 3rd Steve King, Nissan Skyline Race 2: 1st M Maloney; 2nd King Race 3: - 1st D Maloney; 2nd M Maloney

Chefette SuperSport 1 & 2 - race 1: SS1 - 1st Neil Corbin, Toyota Starlet; 2nd Kenrick Husbands, Toyota Starlet SS2 - 1st Stuart Maloney, Peugeot 306 Maxi; 2nd Kurt Thompson, Honda CRX; 3rd Daryl Clarke, Honda Civic Race 2: SS1 - 1st Corbin SS2 - 1st Maloney; 2nd Thompson; 3rd Clarke Race 3: SS1 - 1st Husbands; 2nd Corbin SS2 - 1st Maloney; 2nd Thompson; 3rd Clarke

Crane & Equipment Modified Production 1 & 2 - race 1: MP1 - 1st Quincy Jones, Toyota Starlet; 2nd Eric Ward, Datsun Coupe; 3rd Tremaine Forde-Catwell, Daihatsu Charmant; etc MP2 - 1st Mark Thompson, Honda Civic; 2nd Neil Thompson, Honda Civic; 3rd Edward Corbin, Toyota Starlet Race 2: MP1 - 1st Ward; 2nd Robert Gill, Toyota Starlet; 3rd Seth Ross-Turney, Honda CRX; etc MP2 - 1st M Thompson; 2nd N Thompson; 3rd Corbin Race 3: MP1 - 1st Jones; 2nd Ward; 3rd Gill; etc MP2 - 1st M Thompson; 2nd N Thompson

Williams Equipment Clubman - race 1: 1st Geoffrey Ullyett, Datsun 120Y; 2nd Andre Walcott, Suzuki Swift; 3rd Adrian Bailey, Peugeot 205; etc Race 2: 1st Ullyett; 2nd Walcott; 3rd William Jones, Datsun 120Y; etc Race 3: 1st Ullyett; 2nd Walcott; 3rd Jones

Hilti Handicap: 1st Quincy Jones, Toyota Starlet; 2nd Kenrick Husbands, Toyota Starlet; 3rd Kurt Thompson, Honda CRX; 4th Mark Maloney, Mazda RX-3; 5th Andre Walcott, Suzuki Swift; 6th Doug Maloney, Audi A4 quattro; etc

Barbados Association of Dragsters & Drifters: 1st, 7.0-7.5 & 7.5-8.0 - Corey Stanford, Toyota Corolla, 7.82s; 1st, 8.0-8.5 & 8.5-9.0 - Sean Merritt, Toyota Starlet Turbo, 8.98s; 1st, 9.0-9.5, 10.0-10.5, 10.5-11.0 & 12.0-12.5 - Darren Lashley, Peugeot 205, 11.07s

Barbados Karting Association, SDRR round 5 - 270 Yamaha Sportsman Class: 1st equal Joshua Maloney & Zane Maloney, 89 points; 3rd, Saviola Thomas, 78pts; etc 310 Yamaha Class: 1st Nicholas Gill, 89pts; 2nd Joshua Parris, 88pts; 3rd Kyle Proverbs, 79pts; etc X30 125 Class: 1st Javani Smith, 88pts; 2nd Ricky Kirton, 61pts; 3rd Tremaine Forde-Catwell, 50pts; etc

Hilti BKA Handicap: 1st Ricky Kirton; 2nd Krystal Kirton; 3rd Saviola Thomas; etc