Three regional championships for Bushy Park Barbados in 2019

Three regional championships for Bushy Park Barbados in 2019

 Bushy Park Barbados will host qualifying rounds of three regional championships for the first time next year. The facility's Event Calendar for 2019, published today (December 12), confirms visits by the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) and the Radical Caribbean SR3 Cup to join those of the inaugural Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy (CJKAT) announced last week.

  As has become standard practice in recent years, Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSI) will organise the third of four rounds of the CMRC, to be run on the International Circuit over the weekend of August 31/September 1; round three of the Radical Caribbean SR3 Cup, which was re-launched as a regional series this year, will be staged during BPMSI's second Race Meet of the year on June 10, with round four during the CMRC weekend.

  The CJKAT will run as three double-headers in the first quarter of the year - January 12/13, February 2/3 and March 2/3 - using different kart configurations, with a change of direction each weekend between the two rounds. A two-day Driver Education Programme, with classroom and practical training, led by FIA-accredited Regional Training Providers from the United Arab Emirates, will precede the opening round, complemented by training for volunteer marshals and officials.

  The first two of the Barbados Karting Association (BKA) Championship's eight rounds will run alongside the February and March CJKAT dates, while the Barbados Association of Dragsters & Drifters (BADD) will again run its five-round Launch Control series between March and December. Bushy Park Circuit Inc (BPCI) will host eight Track Days during the year, with a further date organised by the Barbados Auto Racing League (BARL) yet to be confirmed; while allowing regular competitors on two and four wheels a chance for testing, these Track Days also afford drivers without competition licences the chance to experience a racetrack in a safe and controlled environment.

  Grass-roots motor sport is also catered for by the Barbados Rally Club's (BRC) Autocross Championship, which will be staged at Bushy Park for the first time, with five rounds slated between February and November, offering further opportunities for newcomers to experience competition conditions.

  Looking ahead to the new season, BPCI Operations Manager Amy Willis said: "We are very pleased with how our event calendar for 2019 has fallen into place and are especially proud to be the first host venue for the Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy, which offers so many opportunities for up-and-coming racers across the region. As the Radical Caribbean SR3 Cup has grown steadily during this year, we have seen many more visits by regional competitors, not just for race weekends, but also for test and development sessions in between. All of this helps to spread the word about what the facility has to offer.

  "Another key part of our plan going forward is to make greater use of our various circuit layouts. We have already seen karting and drag racing sharing the same dates more than once, but the addition of the National Circuit this year now means that we can run track activity at the same time as our Karting Experiences, which opens up a number of new avenues for us."

Bushy Park Barbados - Event Calendar 2019

Jan 12/13 - Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy, rounds 1 & 2 (BMF)
Jan 20 - Open Track Day (BPCI)
Feb 2/3 - Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy, rounds 3 & 4 (BMF)
Feb 2/3 - BKA Kart Championship, round 1
Feb 24 - Open Track Day (BPCI) Feb 24 - BRC Autocross Championship, round 1
Mar 2/3 - Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy, rounds 5 & 6 (BMF) Mar 2/3 - BKA Kart Championship, round 2
Mar 3 - BADD Launch Control, round 1
Apr 6 - BRC Autocross Championship, round 2
Apr 7 - BKA Kart Championship, round 3
Apr 7 - Open Track Day (BPCI)
Apr 29 - BPMSI Championship, round 1
May 5 - BADD Launch Control, round 2 May 5 - BKA Kart Championship, round 4
Jun 9 - Open Track Day (BPCI)
Jun 10 - BPMSI Championship, round 2, featuring Radical Caribbean SR3 Cup, round 3
Jun 23 - BADD Launch Control, round 3 Jun 23 - BRC Autocross Championship, round 3
Jul 7 - BKA Kart Championship, round 5
Jul 28 - Soca Royale (NCF)
Aug 10 - BRC Autocross Championship, round 4
Aug 18 - Open Track Day (BPCI)
Aug 31/Sep 1 - Caribbean Motor Racing Championship, round 3, featuring Radical Caribbean SR3 Cup, round 4 (BPMSI)
Sep 8 - BKA Kart Championship, round 6
Sep 15 - BADD Launch Control, round 4
Sep 22 - Open Track Day (BPCI)
Oct 6 - BKA Kart Championship, round 7
Oct 13 - BPMSI Championship, round 4
Oct 20 - Open Track Day (BPCI)
Nov 3 - BKA Kart Championship, round 8 Nov 3 - BRC Autocross Championship, round 5
Nov 23/24 - BPMSI Championship, round 5
Dec 1 - BADD Launch Control, round 5
Dec 8 - Open Track Day (BPCI)

Key to abbreviations:

BADD - Barbados Association of Dragster & Drifters;
BARL - Barbados Auto Racing League;
BKA - Barbados Karting Association;
BMF - Barbados Motoring Federation;
BPCI - Bushy Park Circuit Inc;
BPMSI - Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc;
BRC - Barbados Rally Club;
NCF - National Cultural Foundation